Fast Five gets Five Fast Stars from Runde’s

Fast Five is definitely a movie to go see while it’s still in the theatres.  The ticket price is well worth it and no other movie makes you want to go trick out your ride and find someone to street race after watching it. 

Synopsis:  After spending too much time on the run, Dom Torreto (Vin Diesel) and O’Connor (Paul Walker) desire freedom and normal lives with their families. They decide to set up one more job that will give them this freedom, that is, if they can pull it off.  Everyone from past jobs comes in to help out and they all play a specific part in the story. 

Before heading on over to the theatre to watch this movie, I’d recommend that you catch up and watch the previous four Fast & Furious flicks (or at least #’s 1, 2 & 4 since #3 came out of sequence). That way, you’ll be able to easily recognize the familiar faces from the other F/F films.  I enjoyed the way the writers integrated previous characters into the storyline of this film — in a way, it was sort of like catching up with old friends.

I’ve seen all the F/F movies in the series now and Fast Five was my hands-down favorite. In my opinion they just keep getting better and better. Vin Diesel continues to deliver. Dom’s rage, at times, sent shivers down my spine, and then moments later I would be completely taken back with sympathy for him.  He’s supposed to be the tough guy with all the answers, but his display of emotion is convincing to the point where his character seems very real. 


Now it just wouldn’t be a Fast and Furious movie without the high speed chases and the cool cars.  Rápido Cinco definitely showed off the Dodge Charger in a good light. Out of all the tricked out cars, the Charger was the one that stood out in my eye.  They used the Chargers as cop cars and there were others with nice flat black paint jobs were also used in an intense chase scene with Dom and O’Connor.  The movie accurately portrayed the Charger as tough, fast car and I could see Dodge getting a nice boost in sales from it. 

A Charger was also used in the best scene in the movie that showed just how great Vin Deisel’s character is. The scene has everything Fast and Furious is about. It has the awesome car, the chase, and it leaves you wondering, “Is he going to make it?”.  If you’re curious as to if the Fast and Furious saga will continue, you should go check out the movie. It’s well worth the price and it leaves you at the edge of your seat. You feel like you’re actually there with them and you feel everything they feel. You might even find yourself talking back to the movie at some point like I did, saying “go, go, go!” during a chase scene.  

Every Fast and Furious movie has a crazy twist and it’s up to you to decide if we should be expecting a sixth. The F/F saga has stood the test of time to the point where now whenever I hear the term “car chase”, I think   — Fast and Furious. It will be a steep challenge for any complete car movie series to ever be as great as this one.

————-Review by Ashley Fulenwider of Runde Auto Group

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