Put OnStar on your Shopping List

OnStar has been around since the beginning of this young century and it has definitely been a blessing to many and saved many lives.  However up until now, people without OnStar had to upgrade their entire vehicle to be able to get the service and unfortunately not everyone can spend thousands of dollars to upgrade their vehicles.

Well I was couch cruising on Sunday night and happened upon an episode of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice and in this episode I learned that OnStar was getting ready to release a version of their product that could be installed on any vehicle and hence OnStar would be made available to everyone.  The product comes in a box that includes a rear view mirrow with the familiar OnStar buttons and all the necessary hardware to hook it up to any vehicle.  The “OnStar in a box” version of the product is actually called FMV (For My Vehicle) and it will be sold nationally by Best Buy. 

Granted the product will still run you a few C-notes, but for those of you out there who have kids in high-school or college, I know that getting them the safest vehicle possible is probably a major concern of yours. 

I’m also sure there are many customers out there who can’t afford to be shelling out thousands for a newer vehicle for their kid right now (the price of school is outrageous enough), and OnStar FMV is definitely worth checking out.  Purchasing and installing this new OnStar version in a loved one’s vehicle may be well worth the price.  OnStar FMV is scheduled to be available on Best Buy shelves in a few months.

In the Celebrity Apprentice episode, John Rich says that he plans to purchase OnStar FMV for his grandma.  The video below wasn’t shown on the epidose that I saw, but I found it on YouTube today and it shows him delivering this new gadget to his granny who drives an older Cadillac.

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