Decorah Eagles — A Baby Bird was Hatched Today

Decorah, Iowa Eagle Nest photoWe have been keeping our eyes on the Decorah, IA Eagle Cam here at Runde Auto Group over the past 6-8 weeks in anticipation of the hatching of the Eagle eggs.  Part of that waiting game came to a halt today as one of the three eggs hatched and a little baby Eagle worked his/her way into this world.  

I think this whole online Eagle video camera thing has caused more anticipation than that proverbial bottle of Heinz ketchup.  But you just can’t shake an Eagle’s nest the way you’d skake a bottle of ketchup.  They’re saying that over 100,000 people are now following the Decorah Eagle Eye view of the nest.  People are watching it, emailing about it, texting others with Eagle updates, blogging about it …

I actually was trying to pull up the Eagle Cam on my home computer before I left for work this morning so my 5 year old and 22 month old boys could keep tabs on it throughout the day.  Unfortunately, my computer froze up on me, so I told the babysitter how to get to the Eagle video feed before I left.   About 1/2 hour after I got to work, I got a call from Lisa who works in the office upstairs.  She said, “How is your day going?”  I replied, “OK … it’s just ok so far today.”  She responded, “Well, it’s about to get a whole lot better.”  I took a shot and guessed, “The eagle eggs hatched, didn’t they.”   And she replied with a short and simple, “Yep.”  And you could tell from the way that word came across the phone that she had a grin on her face.

I don’t want to sound like Randy Jackson, but I’m telling you dog … Folks love this Eagle Extravaganza in the same fashion that Germans adore David Hasselhoff.   Check out some photo shots of today’s action with a few Infant Eagle photos below. Decorah Eagle 1

Decorah Eagle 2

Decorah Baby Eagle 2Decorah Baby Eagle

Decorah Baby Eagle 3Decorah Baby Eagle 4

Decorah Baby Eagle

My favorite photo is the last one.  I don’t know whether it’s mama or papa Eagle in the shot, but from the look in its eye, I wouldn’t want to mess with it.  I sort of looks like one of those Raptors from Jurassic Park.

Decorah Mama and Baby Eagle

Congrats to Mama and Papa Eagle!!!  But there are still two more eggs that are yet to hatch and you can see it happen live on the Decorah Eagle Cam at:

Oh and I almost forgot … Here is the video of the actual hatching of the egg:

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  1. that was cool but would have liked to see more 🙂

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