Matt and Jenna Rokes – New House, New Truck, New Memories

Matt and Jenna Rokes are a nice young couple from the Quad Cities. They came in after doing some hunting for their new truck and ended up at Runde’s. They were nice enough to sit down with me for a few minutes to share their experience and a bit about themselves.

What brought you into Runde’s?
We found the vehicle that we wanted with low miles, a 2008 Avalanche.

What’s it going to be used for?
Anything that we can use it for. We just bought a house and it doesn’t have any landscaping so we’re planning on doing a lot of that this summer and we thought a nice truck would help us with that. We also have an unfinished basement that we are going to finish. We see a lot of back and forth trips to Lowe’s in our future…

How did you like your salesperson, Al Kloft?
Al was great, we called in and he took care of us. He was very personable. He gets a 10/10.

How would you rate your overall experience of Runde’s on a scale of 1-10, ?
This is only my second car buying experience but I thought everything went well. I’d give it a 9.

Where are you guys from?
We’re from the Quad Cities, about an hour away. We’ve lived there for almost 3 years and just recently bought a house in LeClaire, IA. Matt goes to school at St. Ambrose for physical therapy and there’s only 4 schools in Iowa that offer that program which is why we chose to live in LeClaire.

What do you guys do around the area?
Matt: I’m a physical therapist.
Jenna: I’m a teacher at Pleasant Valley.

What kind of hobbies do you have?
We’re into sports and we want to get more into camping. Currently our time is mostly just spent painting our house. Other than that we like to hang out with friends.

Have you been having house parties now that you have a new house?
Yes, it’s very nice to be able to have people over and have some fun.

Any kids or pets?
Jenna: No kids. We do have a Cocker Spaniel named Payton, I go running with him.

I heard it was pretty emotional trading in your previous vehicle?
Yeah, the Jeep was our first purchase together so it has some sentimental value. But we needed the truck…

Well I’m sure you’ll find some good memories with your new truck, especially with all materials you’ll be transporting to make your house beautiful.

Runde’s would like to thank Matt and Jenna Rokes for taking out some time for this interview and we wish you luck with all your projects!

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