Nan Conolly – Loves the Pirates, Hates the Cold.

Nan Connolly is originally from Dubuque.  She recently built and moved into a house just outside of East Dubuque, IL. She came into Runde’s looking for a new Chevy to replace her vehicle. While she was here, she sat down and shared her experience with us.

What brought you into Runde’s today?
Probably advertising and I knew I wanted a Chevy when I was shopping. I was looking around and Runde’s seemed to have the best deal.

What vehicle did you end up going with?
The 2010 Chevy Impala, I like it. My other car kind of gave up so I said “it’s time.” I have grand-kids and I like this car because of the fact that it’s very safe.

Is the car for you?
Yes. My husband is more of a truck guy, but we needed a car.

How long have you been married?
40 years.

Great! What did you think of your salesman, Al Kloft?
He’s REALLY good! He came right up to us when we got here and made us feel comfortable, as if we were at home. He isn’t pushy, he’s nice and he really knows what he’s talking about. He listens, too. I told him what I was driving and that I wanted something similar and he pieced all the puzzle pieces together and got us a great match.

Ona scale of 1-10 what would you rank your experience at Runde’s?
10. No question. 10 all the way around.

How are you liking Winter?
It’s… ok… it hasn’t been TOO bad. I hate winter though and wanted to make sure that I had a reliable vehicle for it.

Do you have any pets?
I have two dogs – one’s a Shih Tzu mix and the other is a Blue Heeler, one’s a small dog one’s a bit bigger.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
We get out a lot. We like to get with friends. I like to curl up next to the fireplace and read. I also crochet and go fishing with my husband.

What kind of movies do you like?
Mostly comedies.

What’s your favorite movie?
Pirates of the Caribbean. The first one is the best, it was the funniest I think.

They are actually making a new one… I thought it was supposed to be a trilogy but I guess they figured they can milk more money out of it.
Yeah, I’m going to go see that… now I have to add more to my collection!

If you were to win the lottery what would you do with the money?
I’d probably share the wealth with my family then make a lot of charitable contributions. I’d save a lot of little starving animals!

Would you go anywhere if you had money remaining?
Yes. Ireland and Alaska. I just want to see them, learn the country and soak it all up. If I went I’d go for a while, it wouldn’t be any short trip.

That’s all the questions I had for you Nan, thank you so much for sharing a bit of your life with us.
We were both really pleased with our experience at Runde’s, thank you!

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