Generally Greener

Being “green” is the big thing as of recent, and for good reason. It’s about time that we stop ourselves, as a nation, point out that we waste too much and encourage earth friendly alternatives to live out our lives. A process that is encompassed in one word: Green.

But what about those big ‘n bad manufacturing companies with large factories? They must be one of the most un-greenest things you’ve ever seen since the color Maroon, right? Well, it is true that SOME factories do produce lots of waste and pollute the air with lots of bad guys the ozone has a hard time fighting off, but other companies stride for a cleaner solution to go about making their goods. Like who? Like General Motors.

GM is continuously trying to do its part to keep the earth healthy while making the vehicles we love. By using recycled material and re-using everything they can, their vehicles end up being 85% recyclable. 

In 2008 GM set a goal to convert 50 percent of its 145 plants to landfill-free status by the end of 2010. And over the last 5 years they have decreased the waste generated per vehicle by 28%.

These numbers are impressive, and well received as GM is the first Auto Manufacturer to be inducted into the  U.S. EPA WasteWise Hall of Fame, which “recognizes continued outstanding waste reduction”. And they are far from done with being Green. In November, Chevrolet announced it’s plans to invest $40 million in clean energy projects around America with a  goal to reduce another 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

 To learn more about GM and their commitment to being green, visit their website filled with articles and information about how they will continue being as clean and environmentally friendly as possible.

GM recycles the oil spill booms used from the Gulf Oil Spill to make car parts, reduce the spills environmental damage and prevent the booms from sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years. Genius.

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