Mary and Don Jaeger – Not so Much for Snow

Mary and Don Jaeger are always excited to pick up a new vehicle from Runde’s. These kind folks from Asbury have come to known Runde’s as their dealer and wanted to share their experience.

What led you into Runde’s today?
We picked up a 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500. We were looking for a truck, mainly for personal use to haul around stuff here and there.

What made you come to Runde’s?
Well, we’ve bought vehicles [from Runde’s] before. Runde has a large selection of Cars and Trucks and if you were looking for something like that then I think this is where you would come because you are probably going to find what you were looking for.

If you were rank Runde’s on a scale of 1-10 what would you give it?
We’d give it a 9 – one of the better places we’ve been to in years. I’d imagine we’d come back as soon as we need another vehicle. There was no pressure on anything we just took the cars out and drove them then they let us decide on our own and we like that.

What did you think of your salesperson, Al Kloft?
He’s a nice guy, we like him a lot. Our son knows him from his work and recommends him all the time.

Are you guys from the area?
We live in Asbury, we’ve lived there for 43 years.

Do you remember you first date together?
It was during the ’65 flood, one of his friends was going with one of my girlfriends, since then we got together and it hit-off from there.

Do you have any kids?
We have three kids. One is 43, 41 and 39 – two boys and a girl. We also  have two grandchildren,  the 15 year-old can’t wait to try out the truck because he just got his permit now grandpa’s gotta take him driving. He’s been bugging us lately “you get the new truck yet, you get the new truck yet!?” And our grand-daughter, she’s 7 and thinks he can do the same things that he can so she’s asking to drive too!

What do you guys like to do around the area?
Don: We have a son that lives in New-Vieanna, I go out there and helps him with that. I also like to do some hunting and fishing.
Mary: I take care of the grand-kids so that they don’t have to go to the baby-sitter.

If you were to win the lottery what would you do with the money?
We’d probably travel if we had extra money, probably within the states. We’d invest most of it in the kids.

How are you liking the snow?
We aren’t really, not anymore, it’s too much work. We like to stay at home and look out, not so much be out in it. The grand-son like to hunt and ski during the winter.

What is your Winter wish?
To stay fairly mild I guess. Have a few snow falls and be over with. We were done by the third snowfall this year. But as long as you can get around and the roads are decent that’s the main thing.

Thank you for taking some time out to share a bit of yourselves with me. It was a pleasure talking to you and I hope you enjoy your new truck!

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