Jay Leno Buys Chevrolet Volt as Daily Driver!

The king of late-night talk show hosts is adding yet another vehicle to his QUITE expansive car collection. You guessed it! (or read the title) it’s the Chevrolet Volt. Jay is so impressed by the Volt that he is putting aside his 55 Buick Roadmaster to make the Volt his daily driver. Jay Comments on how he thinks the Volt is part of the future and that the Toyota Prius, while having had a head start (in the fuel economy race) is old technology. Another thing he mentions, which I believe is the biggest benefit of the Volt over the competition is that it uses gasoline when the electric juice runs out.

So you picked up a Nissan Leaf, an all-electric car which the EPA just announced will last you a 73 mile range, under normal conditions, until you are out of juice and stop moving. I never quite understood how this would be a dependable, every day driver. After your 30 mile commute to work you get an emergency call from your child’s school and he needs to be picked up and taken to the hospital. You get to the School after 30 miles and start getting nervous because the hospital is 20 miles away and you only have 13 miles until your car stops moving!? Doesn’t seem too practical to me. Four hours of being stuck in traffic (thinking bigger cities) will leave you stranded…

Jay Leno gets it, though. “I had a club date that was 60 miles away the other night, and the car just switched to gas when the electric was depleted, with no range anxiety, no problems — the Volt just becomes a regular car, without any compromises. “The Volt is electric when you want it to be, and gas when you need it to be. I’ve had it for less than a week, and I’m driving it every day.”

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  1. i like it

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