Mardy Gilyard buys another vehicle from Runde Chevrolet

You may recall that a few months back, Mardy Gilyard who is a rookie wide receiver for the St. Louis Rams bought a new Chevy Equinox from Runde Chevrolet.   He purchased the Equinox for his mom, Trish, as a way of saying thanks for all of her love and support throughout the years.

Mardy recently decided to buy another vehicles from Runde Chevrolet (he’s admittedly a Chevy fan through and through).   This time, he was buying it for himself.  And his vehicle of choice was a Chevy Silverado …

… a nice 4wd half-ton crew cab that should help him get around without troubles this winter.

Mardy finishing up an autograph session at a local supermarket.

Mark Fleege, his salesman, delivered the truck to Mardy in St. Louis.  Mardy was just finishing up a Pepsi-sponsored autograph signing session when Mark arrived with the truck.  The lady in the photo above is looking at Mardy’s picture on the Pepsi can in her hands.  How many people do you know who have their own Pepsi can?

When Mardy saw Mark, his eyes lit up as he asked, “Where’s my ride?”   Mardy signed the paperwork for his new truck.  Mark had driven the new Silverado all the way from East Dubuque to St. Louis and he accidentally left his reading glasses in the center console of the truck.  While Mardy was checking out the interior of the truck, he came across the glasses and couldn’t resist putting them on.  What happened next we wish we had a video of, but we are left with just a photo of Mardy with the glasses half-way down his nose as he said in an feeble old man’s voice, “Excuse me sonny, can you help me?  I’m looking to buy a truck.  Can you please help me?”We’d like to thank Mr. Gilyard for purchasing another vehicle from Runde Chevrolet and wish him the best as he concentrates on the remainder of the Ram’s season.  Anything could happen in that division and perhaps we’ll be watching him in the NFL Playoffs a few months down the road.

Mark Fleege and Mardy Gilyard cheesin' for the camera


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