Brian and Jennifer McLane – You’ll Never See a Son so Happy

Brian and Jennifer McLane came to Runde’s to make their son the happiest person alive and also to pick up a vehicle for themselves. See how these folks from Menominee, IL owed their son Tyler a FREE Cobalt! 

What brought you to Runde’s today?
We’ve bought a lot of cars from Runde’s.  We have always felt that we get a great deal and we are treated right and there is a lot of choice here.

What car did you end up going with?
We picked up that blue Cobalt out there.

I'm sure today ranks up their on the "Best Day Ever" list.

Did you find it online or did you find it on the lot?
I’m not sure to be honest, we’ve looked at so many vehicles online that I lose track of what we saw where and first. But basically we came in and asked “what do you have at this certain price?”

How was your experience here, overall?
Super … Outstanding salesperson. They worked very hard to find what we  wanted. The service was great, we didn’t have to do barely a thing. It was quick too … VERY quick. My son and I came in to look around on Saturday and by Wednesday we drove away with two vehicles.

Two vehicles you say?
Yeah we also picked up a TrailBlazer for us.

Who’s the Cobalt for, then?
Our son Tyler.

I bet he was excited to hear he’s getting a Cobalt!
To say the least, yes. He’s always wanted a blue Cobalt. It’s not the first car we’ve looked at either, but it just so happened that the one that was the right price was blue.

You guys are very generous to give your son a car like that!
Tyler has played Basketball for a long time and loves it. Tyler told Brian for years that he would get a full ride scholarship by playing basketball. Brian said “That’s great. If you do that I’ll get you a car”. So Tyler came home one day with a smirk on his face and said “I’ll have a blue Cobalt please.” We couldn’t believe that we actually found a blue Cobalt for him here though, it was amazing.

Who will he be playing college ball for?
Wayne State in Wayne, Nebraska.  He got a full ride scholarship.

Congrats, you must be very happy for him.  Do you have any other kids?
Yes, one daughter.

Any pets?
Yes, our dog Buddy. He’s a mix of some kind. He’s insane, if you wanted to add that.

If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?
We’d donate a lot of it to the schools and churches we’ve been associated with. We’d like to be debt free, that’d be awesome. We might get another car from Runde’s as well.

What kind of movies do you like?
Brian: Comedy, Caddie Shack is classic.
Jennifer: Drama.

What do you like to do around the area?
We camp, but we haven’t done a lot of that lately. We mostly spend time with family. We go to a lot of the sports events at East Dubuque High School.

Do you have a favorite restaurant?
Jennifer: Gobbies in Galena is now my favorite restaurant.

That’s all I wanted to ask you, if you wanted to add anything you are more than welcome to.
Just that we have always been happy with Runde Auto Group and I’ve never felt that I’ve got a bad deal at Runde’s.

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