When the Silver Screen Crashes into Reality …

There was a movie that came out earlier this year that demonstrated what could happen if a normal person like you or me tried to put on a superhero’s costume and fight criminals.   Initially it turned out very, very bad for the protagonist as he was stabbed in the stomach and then was hit by a moving car.   It showed that in most instances, people like us aren’t capable of making a successful jump to being a blue-collar superhero in the real world. So please leave fighting criminals to the people who serve and protect us and do it professionally … unless of course you have a death wish or lack a brain.

Well what happens if a superhero tries to make a jump from the silver screen to the real world.  We saw how Superman was blatantly unsuccessful at being fully human back in the 70’s in Superman II.  And just yesterday, another superhero was met with devastation when BumbleBee from the Transformers movies was crinkled badly as he drove down the urban streets of Washington D.C.

The film crew for Transformers 3 was filming a scene from the upcoming movie when an actual police vehicle drove right through the set with sirens blazing on its way to an emergency.  The shocking result demonstrated that the real life BumbleBee cannot endure like the fictitious onscreen version of the car (although, it is a testament to the design of the car regarding how it was able to absorb the impact allowing its driver to walk away from a very ugly head on collision — looks like the Camaro gets an A+ for this non-fiction crash test.) 

Evidently the police vehicle was on its way to an emergency and was unaware of the filming that was going on and unknowingly drove right into harms way.  The news cast I saw on television said that the driver of the emergency vehicle was a bomb squad technician and he was taken to the hospital to tend to his minor injuries following the impact.  We’re just glad no one was seriously injured. 

And just like in the the original Transformers movie where the Transformers vow to protect the human race …  BumbleBee  in this case protected his passenger admirably.  Job well done!   And I have a feeling that we won’t be seeing the smashed up version of our supped-up yellowjacket friend when the movie hits the silver screen next summer.

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