Gadgets in your Vehicle – Deadly or Fantastic?

Vehicle manufacturers are constantly trying to adapt the wants of the consumer into their vehicles. Within the last couple of years we have seen vehicles with built in GPS, T.V’s, touch screen computers, and a plethora of voice controlled features – from making a call to updating your blog on the go. Anymore it seems like we are riding inside a computer with all these features and gadgets… but who’s watching the road when drivers are checking out their stock report, facebook updates and trying to instruct their kids how to connect to the wireless hotspot?

Personally I have always been a tech-head – when it came to features and technology “the more the merrier” is what I would respond and I fully understand that technology doesn’t always work the way it should. Here’s a scenerio to consider:   That hot new hands-free car simulator video game app is glitching up and while dinkering around, trying to make it work, you missed the stop-sign… whoops.   Scenerio over. Maybe (and hopefully) you’ll be fine… but is it really worth the risk?

I can’t help but get excited about new technology, and having this stuff in a vehicle is really cool. Checking weather updates, seeing what my friends are twittering/tweeting and how stocks are doing are all great things that I would want to keep tabs on… but do I need to check them between my ride to work or even my three hour trip to Chicago? No. Will I if it’s available to me? Probably. Is it worth it to have all this technology in a vehicle? You tell me…

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