To make Jenni McCann’s day, just give her some warm weather, a good book to read, and a black on black Impala SS with a rockin’ 5.3 liter V-8 Engine and a whoppin’ 303 horses under the hood just waitin’ to be turned loose.


We had the pleasure of talking with Jenni McCann today.  She was in to pick up the car that she just purchased from Runde Auto Group.  We are very appreciative of Jenni’s repeat business and she had some kind words, in turn, to say about Runde’s.  The following is the long and short of our conversation:

How did you find Runde Auto Group?  Have you purchased here before?
Yeah, I bought two Cavaliers here before, actually. I bought my 2nd Cavalier here 6 years ago.

Jenni's Impala SS

What did you buy this time?
An Impala SS.  I moved up and I love it.

Where is the first place you’ll take your new Impala?
Probably to show it to my mom over in Dubuque.

Who was your salesperson and how would you rate them?
Al Kloft.  Al was excellent – he really was.  Him and Anderson and what is “California’s” real name?

Steve. Yep Steve. They were all very good.  I’ve never been treated better than I have at Runde’s.  Seriously, everybody that I’ve dealt with in service and everything — you guys are excellent.

Jenni with Al Kloft

It’s funny when you think about it, because with Anderson and California you have two of the most laid back people I know and then with Al you have the opposite side of the spectrum. (Jenni just laughs and nods in agreement).

What’s the best thing about the new ride?
The power.  I think this car is going to get me into trouble.

You got the right color though – at least it’s not red.  You know what they say about cops and red cars.
I’m still afraid it’s going to get me into trouble for speeding.

How many people are in your family?
Just my son and me.

Have you always lived around the area?
Yes, born and raised in Dubuque.

Are you bummed that the summer weather is coming to and end?
Oh yeah.  I’ll definitely miss the warm weather.

What would you say it the most beautiful or scenic place in the Tri-states?
Eagle Point Park (in Dubuque).  I have a park sticker (season pass), I’d say I drive through there about every two weeks.  My son will be sixteen in about a week and he’s just learning how to drive so we practice driving up there.

Is he going to get to drive the new SS?
Yeah … (big sigh with some hesitation) yeah.

Will anyone be allowed to eat in your new vehicle?
(Without hesitation) No.

How would you rate your car buying experience with Runde Auto Group on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best?
10  …  Excellent.

What is your favorite movie of all time?
Probably Nightmare on Elm Street.  I like Freddy Krueger.

Did you know the original one had Johnny Depp in it?
Yep, that was when he was younger.  I have all of them.

All of the sequels too?
Yep.  I have the entire box set.

What is currently in the cd player of your vehicle?
Oh, I forgot to check to see if I left one in the Cavalier.  If there is one still in there it’s probably Buck Cherry or Kid Rock.

If you could move anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?
Any place where it’s warm year round.

Any place in particular?
Nope, just anyplace that it’s warm.

Describe your ideal day – what would you do – where would the road take you?
Just someplace where I could relax and read a book.

Like a cozy chair in the library?
Yep.  That would work.

Disco, Rock, or Country?

Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, or Robert Redford?
Brad Pitt

Olive Garden, Red Lobster, or a fancy Galena restaurant?
Red Lobster

Online shopping or the mall?
The mall.

Win the lottery or become President?
Win the lottery.

If you could only eat one food everyday for the rest of your life – what would it be?

What kind of pizza.
Probably pepperoni.

Pepperoni pizza from where?
Happy Joes.

We’d like to thank Jenni for buying her car from Runde’s  She has been a good customer of ours and we hope that she’ll be back in a few years to buy another car from us.  Will she go for a Camaro next time?  I guess you’ll have to stay tuned in …

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