Making the Trip to Pennsylvania

Estimated time to travel: 1 Day 17 hours

Dan Cotter came in the other day to buy yet another truck from Tim Runde. While he was here he explained his 2,544 mile trip from Washington to Pennsylvania as well as his plans for his future epic adventures.

That seems like quite the trip Dan. What was the purpose of the trip?
“My daughter was working at a veterinarian hospital in Washington but was offered a job in Pennsylvania at an emergency hospital for animals. In bigger towns they have clinics like that where you can take in your animal 24/7.”

“First we went to Colorado to see a buddy of mine race in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Then we went to Washington and made a few stops on our way to Pennsylvania. The trip took a couple of weeks in all.”


Dan Cotter and his new 2500 Duramax.

How did the truck serve ya?
“We bought the truck from Runde’s and it has been great. No hitches – not a bump. We had a pretty good load too, and it never showed any sign of slowing down. I’ve bought a bunch of trucks from Runde’s before and I actually just picked up another one today. Ever since they made the first Duramax I’ve been coming back every year for a new one.

What makes you come back to Runde’s?
I come back to Runde’s because they always give me a good deal. The value of the trade and the price they give on the vehicle is beyond fair.

So what’s the next trip going to be Dan?
In a couple months I’ll be going to New Mexico in the truck I just bought and next year I plan to take the truck with a camper, fishing boat and a two wheeler and go to Alaska to do some riding.

"Jed Clampett ( a.k.a. D. Cotter; poor mountaineer from Platteville) moved his daughter from Pullman, Washington to Scranton, Pennsylvania. The Duramax Diesel took no notice of the load through the mountains of Idaho and Montana nor the heat of the prairie states. The only issue came around midnight as a State Trooper near Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin stopped the parade to ask if the trailer had the required brakes, which it does."

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