Parts is Parts. And We’ve Got ’em.

I don’t know why, but I had that old Wendy’s commercial pop into my head today — the parts is parts one, remember? Wendy’s really had some great commercials back in the day.

Anyway, the parts is parts commercial caused me to feel a need to give a shout out to our Runde Parts Department. The guys who work in parts do an excellent job and their work often goes unheralded.

So here’s the shout:

Whether you’re looking to upfit your current truck or deck out a brand new one, be sure to check out what we currently have on hand or available at the Parts Office counter at our Chevy store in East Dubuque.

If you’re not able to stop in, then feel free to give either Bryon, Anthony, or Jason a call toll-free at 866-735-5200.   OEM or aftermarket …  Whatever you’re after, they’ll be able to track it down for you and probably save you a couple bucks in the process.  Wheels, Tires, DVD Players, Bedliners, Box Covers, Keyless Entry, Remote Starters, Heated Seats, Running Boards, Mud Guards, Chrome Exhaust Systems, etc…  They’ve got it all and there are deals to be had.  If you give Runde’s a holler, we’re confident that you’ll like our attitude.

chevy parts dubuque

Runde Chevrolet parts counter east dubuque

Runde Chevy Parts

Runde Chevrolet Parts

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