Build Your Own Corvette Engine

Am I the only one who thinks “holy cow, there must be a whole lot of complicated things going on when they built that engine!” This is what I think almost every time I pop open my hood to look at the engine? How would one go about building an engine?  What all goes into the design?  Is displacement really king when it comes to sheer power?  Was GM’s 3800 V-6 really the best car engine of the 20th century?  Or what about Jeep’s 4.0L inline 6-cylinder?  I later go on to wonder if I were to ever take one apart, what would I see, would I know how it all worked, and could I put it all back together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle? If only I could see one being built from scratch and have an explanation of what’s going on… what’s that? I can!??

That’s right, Chevrolet is now giving you the option to build your own engine with the purchase of a Z06 or ZR1 Corvette. Pack up your bags, plop down an extra $5,800 plus travel charges to Detroit and you will be face to machine with all the parts and tools needed to build the very same engine that will be rocketing you down the road at ridiculous speeds. The best part about it is if you are in the market for a Z06 or a ZR1 then the extra $$$ needed for this awesome, once in a lifetime opportunity, will probably be next to nothing.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of the engine you could be building!

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