Fiesta Is Near… and Even More to Get Excited For(d)

What’s not to love about the Fiesta?  The fact that it demolishes its competition, such as the Honda FIT and the Toyota Yaris, in nearly every category out there is probably an understatement.  And now there’s more!  The Fiesta, in addition to beating the competition  in terms of 1)Horsepower (competition ranges from 106 to 117 hp vs. the Fiesta at 120 HP) , 2)Safety, and 3)Features … we just learned that the Fiesta also takes the top prize in terms of fuel economy. While the FIT offers an impressive 28/35 MPG it falls short of the Fiesta’s recently announced and officially official 29/40 MPG.

Need I remind you that in addition to all of these class superior specs, the Fiesta starts at $13,320 while the FIT starts at $14,900 – why pay more to get less? Try one for yourself this summer when they start rolling off the assembly line, you’ll see why so many people are excited to get their hands on one.

While I wasn’t aware that the Lamborghini is in the sub-compact Class, the Fiesta is apparently better!

Other reasons Fiesta is better than others in its class:

Running away from zombies:

Finding your kidnapped pet:

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