Tiny Puppy Love @ Runde’s

Who doesn’t like puppies? I imagine that even Mr. E. Scrooge couldn’t hold back the makings of a smile at the sight of a super cute quadra-ped furball. The joy and happiness that a new puppy brings us can only be matched by maybe the Surprised Kitty:

Here at Runde’s today puppy love was in the air as Ashley Rigdon (daughter of Runde’s own Lisa Rigdon) brought in her new loveable companion: Oliver. Oliver is a Yorkie Poo (mix between a Yorke and Poodle) and just turned 6 weeks today.  I sort of wondered why they don’t just call it a Yoodle —  considering a Schnauzer and Poodle mix is a Schnoodle.  To me, “yorkie poo” sounds like what Ashley will probably be cleaning up in the Rigdon front yard next week.

Ashley and her puppy Oliver

Anyway, it turns out that Oliver is the biggest of the bunch(the stud of the litter) as well as the only male amongst his 3 biological sibling puppies. Ashley, and two of her friends, got lucky enough to have a teacher whose pet dog just had this litter of puppies.  She offered the puppies to any willing takers.

Lisa Rigdon

But acquiring Oliver was no easy task for Ashley. After the “Mom Let’s Get YOU a Puppy for Mother’s Day” card failed, it was up to Lisa to determine what Ashley had to do to prove her level of responsibility and thus earn the right to get a puppy. To make things legit, Lisa, drew up a contract which listed the responsibilities that would be expected of Ashley. After signing this binding agreement,  it was official – Ashley had a ball of cuteness that she could call her own.

This being the first time that I’ve seen a Yorkie Poo, I must say they are tiny, cute little things. Oliver was getting excited and started exploring around the room and gave a Runde’s Monkey a nice puppy kiss. CUTE!  But, for the record, I still like the term: Yoodle.

You gotta do what it takes if you want a Yorkie Poo.

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