Cub Scout Pack 775 – Having Fun Painting Mugs

Jordan Degree, who was recently at Runde’s to get a Chevy HHR for the Dubuque Art Center, made a visit to Cub Scout Pack 775 to let the Scouts paint some mugs. Pack 775, based out of Cuba City, is led by Cub Scout Master Sue Hanger — who is also one of Runde’s superstar accountants. While Jordan was at Runde’s talking about the Art Center he mentioned that he offers a “paint your own pottery” session.

Sue Hanger

After Sue got wind of this offer she jumped on the opportunity to treat the scouts to a great night of creativity and fun. And boy, was it a HIT.

There are 23 Scouts in Pack 775 ranging from 1st to 5th graders.  The event took around an hour and Jordan supplied the kids with everything they needed – including the glazes and the mugs. After the kids were done glazing the mugs the way they wanted, Jordan took everything back to the Art Center where he will do all of the final touches – including the firing process. In around two weeks the Scouts will receive their personalized mugs to take home and use. The kids loved painting the mugs and getting idea’s from Jordan.  And most importantly, they enjoyed being able to creatively express themselves.

Runde’s would like to thank Jordan, Sue, and all others that strive to help the kids in our community. Stay tuned for pictures of the finalized mugs!

What’s next for Pack 775 ???     The sky’s the limit!!!

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  1. […] Mugs are Done! A couple of weeks ago we had the story of a troop of Cub Scouts, led by their scout leader and Runde’s own Sue Hanger, pai…With great anticipation and excitement many people have been waiting to see how the mugs turned out. […]

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