The Red Rocker Visits Runde Auto Group ???

I was up at the Runde PreDriven store the other day and I was informed by one of the salesmen that Sammy Hagar was in the house.

I thought, ”What an opportunity … we can get a interview with Sammy for the blog … I wonder what he’s looking to purchase?  A Camaro?  A Vette?”

I asked where he was.   Chris pointed to Johnny Kramer, who works up at that store and was sportin’ a new hairdo.  It wasn’t the actual Red Rocker, but it was an uncanny resemblance.

Will the real Sammy please stand up...

I took some quick photos of Johnny (You may recall that Johnny was featured previous in a Runde Auto Chat interview back in 2009) and then I went about my business.  A few minutes later there was a big commotion out in front of the dealership as a bus-load of tourists pulled up.  As the tourists filed out of the bus, they began taking pictures of Johnny left and right. They were shouting things like: “Look it’s Sammy!” and “What’s Eddie Van Halen really like?” and “Is it true that you’re dating Shania Twain???”


Two of them actually got into a big argument as to whether it was Van Halen or Van Hagar.   Johnny calmed the crowd by saying, “Easy folks … It was actually “Van Kramer”, but that’s ancient history.  Get in with the now — I’m here all day.”  And then he began signing autographs.  It was awesome … you really should have been there.   I wish that I could have that kind of effect on women, but I guess sometimes you’re the bird and sometimes you’re the statue.

Below is the vid that was probably Sammy’s/Johnny’s most famous video of all time.  I Can’t Drive 55. It would be cool if Sammy actually remade the video today and substituted the BumbleBee Camaro from the Transformers as his car.  Then after he gets hauled off to Jail toward the end, BumbleBee could bust him loose and save the day … or maybe not … just a thought.

Johnny Kramer or Runde Auto Group

They can't drive 55.

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