2011 Ford Fiesta – Time to get Festive

Looking to get a great gas mileage car without putting a dent in your style or wallet? You have probably considered the H0nda Fit or the Toyota Yaris, but if you wait for the Ford Fiesta you will not be disappointed.

I was very skeptical of the car at first. I 6’1 with a big build and found these little gas-mileage cars “cramping” my style. But I went to the Chicago Auto Show and experienced the Fiesta first hand and I must say I’m impressed. The car, in my opinion, looks fantastic from the outside but what really took my breath away was the interior – QUALITY. Seriously, for a vehicle that starts around $13.5k and ends well under $20k it felt like $30k+ luxury car. And the best part? I wasn’t cramped!

I found it hard to find any flaws with this car, I’m very excited to get my hands on it and if you are one of those shopping for a “gas-mileage car” I urge you to just try this out before making a final decision, I know you will be as impressed as I was. Go ahead and Google it yourself and look at all the comments, reviews and previews of the Fiesta – you’ll find nothing but praise and excitement for it!

Here’s a quick video I grabbed while I was at the show:

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