Runde Chevrolet Considers Putting in a Drive-Thru Window for Duane and Karen Altfillisch – “I’ll have an Equinox with that”

Duane and Karen Altfillisch from Elizabeth, IL stopped in to purchase some more vehicles from their favorite dealer – Runde Auto Group this week. These long-time Runde’s fans granted us the time to let us interview them before going off to get some good vittles.

What brought you to Runde’s?
We’ve been coming here for years.

I’m assuming that since you came back you “like our attitude”
Oh hahaha, yes, absolutely.

How many vehicles would you say you bought from us?
Probably around twenty.
20? Wow, Holy cow!
Yep, we’ve been buying since 1987.

I heard that you had some work being done to your vehicle?
Yea, they are putting on running boards and chrome handles on the truck.

So for this recent purchase did you research online or did you just call up and see what we had?
No, we were here buying a truck and saw the Equinox. And when I saw the chrome handles, it made me want a new vehicle.

How did you like the Equinox?
Karen: It’s a beautiful car, I love it. I got a gold one.

What’s the vehicle going to be used for, in general?
Driving back and forth from work.

Is the vehicle for you, Karen?
Oh yes. For sure.  We got another truck here at the same time that we got the Equinox.

Wow, you guys are really active in the purchasing of vehicles. I’m the same way with technology, always going out to get the latest and greatest. If you were to rank Runde’s on a scale of 1-10, what would you give it.
(Without the faintest sign of hesitation) Ten. No problems at all, we’d give the service department a 10 as well.

Your salesman was Eric Schmitt, how was he to you?
Oh excellent, he treated us very well. He gets a 10.

What do you guys do for a living?
Karen: I work for Fischer Excavating.
Duane: I am with a construction company and drive a semi for Montgomery Trucking.

I don’t want to take too much of your time, I know you wanted to go out for a bite to eat. What’s for dinner tonight?
We’re going to the 19th Hole.

What do you like to get there?
Burgers are usually all we get.
You should try their pizza too, it’s very cheesy and good.
We’ll have to try that!

Thank you very much for being such loyal and great customers, enjoy your vehicles and your food!

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