What the Heck was the Name of that Song???

Crusin’ down the road, windows down, music up, you are in the “zone” with this sweet new track playin’ on the radio. You start trying to sing parts of the chorus, and completely butcher the rest of the song. Full of emotion, you utter slightly slurred words mixed with gibberish to comprise what would surely amount to  a migraine for anyone unfortunate enough to be in the same car with you.

You get to the end of the song and look forward to the radio announcer revealing the name of the song and artist so you can download it on iTunes later. But what the…the announcer reveals the details of the song you loved so dearly while your friend was yelling at you to get him some aspirin. Dang it all to heck! You missed it all and end up going into a major state of depression because you still don’t know the name of that song…

If only there was a feature that lets you record, let’s say, oh… the last 20  minutes of music so you could re-listen to it and pick up anything you might have missed. Wh-heh-ell, if GM isn’t on top of their game bringing things from our dreams into a usable, tangible technology.

With the Pause and Play Radio, you can save up to 20 minutes of whatever you are listening to on the radio, even XM or Sirius to an internal hard drive. The radio feature is currently built into the Chevy Equinox and Buick LaCrosse and it will also be implemented in the upcoming Buick Regal and Chevrolet Cruze (cool!)

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