Look what we got at Runde Chevrolet… Zulu Romeo Uno

If you are in touch with our blog you will remember a post about Jay Leno owning the first Corvette ZR1 (Grab the link here). In the video you can see Jay absolutely raving the marvelous machine. Hearing so much praise about a car from someone who knows a lot about the automotive world really stamps “this thing must be good” in your head.

The Corvette ZR1. In stock at Runde Chevrolet!

It was just another cold winter day, the office was pretty warm and I was finishing up some routine tasks when I faintly heard “Hey did you see that ZR1 out there” from the hallway. “Huh?” I wondered to myself… “a ZR1? did they mean Z06?… it couldn’t be…” Dashing outside I saw several figures surrounding a vehicle – none of them were moving. As I came closer, it seemed like my co-workers had just caught a glimpse of Medusa – stiff body, jaw stuck to the floor, speechless…

It was about 15 degrees, but that’s not the reason why I stood there in a frozen state.  And I could have sworn that somewhere in the distance I heard a choir of angels (falsetto Ahhhhhh) as I took in the radience of this black beauty in all it’s glory and spendor… the elusive Corvette ZR1. The car you want … the one we’ve got. And if you want it (and have the monetary spendage to make that desire a reality) it’s yours! Or, if you are like me, you can just sit back and imagine what it would be like driving down the boulevard (does the Dubuque area have a boulevard?), waving to all the spectators as they line the road to catch a view of my monstrous new machine … the wind breezing through what’s left of my thinning hair as I put the pedal to the carpet and cruise off into the sunset with a catchy synthesized tune from one of John Hughes’s many 80’s movies playing lightly in the background.  What happens next is awesome, simply awesome. I glance over to Elle Macpherson in the passenger seat and say, “???”.   Well, I haven’t exactly thought out what I would say, but it would be memorable — I assure you of that.  Oh yes.  It would be a phrase for the ages.  Anyway, here’s Jay Leno talking about his prized car.  And as for me, I’ll probably wait about 15 years and then pick up a used ZR1 with about 150K miles on the odometer for around $30,000.

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