Dodge Ram Wins Truck of the Year!

The King

Motor Trend recently announced the 2010 Truck of the year. And, maybe not so surprisingly, the Dodge Ram took home the title for the king of trucks. Up against some pretty fierce competition, like the popular F-150 and Silverado, the Ram out-contended the best from every make out there. And judging from what it can do in the video below, it seems pretty well deserved.

Based on the following criteria, taken from Motor Trend’s website (, the ram out-performs the competition in most categories.

    Quality execution of exterior and interior styling; innovation in vehicle packaging; good selection and use of materials.
    Integrity of total vehicle concept and execution, clever solutions to packaging, manufacturing, and dynamics issues; use of cost-effective technologies that benefit the consumer.
    How well the vehicle does the job its designers and product planners intended.
    Low fuel consumption and carbon footprint, relative to the vehicle’s competitors.
    Primary safety — the vehicle’s ability to help the driver avoid a crash — as well as secondary safety measures that protect occupants from harm during a crash.
    Price and equipment levels measured against those of vehicles in the same market segment.

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