Where do People from Atlanta and Washington DC go to buy their Cars? East Dubuque, Il.

Recently we got to interview Chuck Webster who came in to purchase a Malibu. Chuck was excited to give his wife the Malibu as special little gift.

Hello Chuck, thank you for doing the interview with us. We hope your experience with Runde’s was great.
Oh yes it was.

How was he?
Fantastic. We actually used to be neighbors in Chicago for years and didn’t even know it!  We lived about two blocks away from each other in Lincoln Park.

Where is the first place you’ll take your car?
I’m going to drive it to Washington D.C. to give it to my wife. It is a two-day drive, but it’s worth it.

Is she excited to get the car?
Oh, yeah, funny story, actually. She was giving a presentation when my father called about the car. But we eventually did connect and all’s well that ends well.


Do you think your car is a male or female? And will you give the car a name?
She’s definitely female, and her name is Audrey.  We actually had a name picked out for the car before I came to pick it up here.

How often do you usually trade in your cars?
Not often. Like to keep them for a while.

What’s the best thing about your new ride?
The best part is that my father, Lyle Webster, did all the research on the car and got everything ready before I bought it making it a smooth and easy transaction.  It’s nice to have a father like that.  He was actually a Master Chief in the Navy.  He spent much of his Naval career on submarines.

Do you have a favorite spot in the Tri-State area?

Our farm overlooking the Mississippi river.

If you were a vehicle, what vehicle would you want to be and why?
I’d be a mint 1967 Skylark white with black because that was my first car.

Will your friends be allowed to eat in the car?

How would you rate your car buying experience with Runde Auto Group?
Excellent. 10 out of 10. I actually live in Atlanta and my wife lives and works in Washington DC and we get to see each other on the weekends or whenever we can.  Today I flew in from Atlanta to the Dubuque airport and you guys picked me up. I was really impressed by that. You should really advertise your airport pick-up, it’s a great service.

Have a favorite football team?
The Steelers.
Favorite restaurant?
Jenny’s Chinese in Washington D.C.

Favorite Movie?
The next one I get to see!

Well Chuck that’s all the questions I have for you. Thanks again for doing the interview, have a safe trip back to Washington DC!

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