Yes! Mike Still Works at Runde Chevrolet — From Time to Time

Mike Lawler

Mike Lawler worked for Runde’s full-time while he went to high school.  After graduating, Mike went off to college, but he still comes back to work here when he comes back home.  While Mike was here for the Thanksgiving weekend, we took a few minutes to chat with him and find out what college life is like.

RAC: Where are you going to college?

ML: Western Illinois University — It’s about two and a half hours away.

RAC: And do you have your own car?

ML: Yeah, a 2000 Cavalier Z24.

RAC: Nice.  Aluminum wheels?  Air Conditioning?  Cruise Control?

ML: Yes sir.

RAC: Prodigious!  Do you like college so far? You’re going to the school in Macomb, IL right?

ML: Yeah the school’s nice.  Macomb’s a smaller town – I think it’s about 20,000 people.


RAC: Runde’s sells a lot of vehicles to people from Macomb.  Do you see any cars that you maybe got ready for pick-up or took pictures of?

ML: I definitely see a lot of vehicles running around with Runde stickers.  I can’t tell for sure if there’s one that I prepped or washed, but yeah there’s probably a couple.

RAC: What are you majoring in?

ML: History, I plan to get my teaching certification.

RAC:  So you want to be a teacher?  What for, high school?

ML: Yeah high school, why are you looking at me like that?

RAC: You want to deal with high schoolers?

ML: Yeah, I’d rather deal with them than little kids.

RAC:  Have you seen the new Twilight New Moon movie that came out this past week

ML:  Definitely not.  No.

RAC:  What do you think of the whole Michael Jackson glove sale price?  Would you ever pay that much for just one glove? 

ML:  No.

RAC:  What are your plans for Thanksgiving.

ML:  We usually head over to relatives in Dubuque.  My mom, her sisters, and my grandma all pitch in to cook the meal.  After Thanksgiving weekend, I’ll head back to school to finish out the semester.

RAC: What’s your school mascot?  Isn’t it the Saluki’s.

ML: I think the Saluki is the team name for Southern Illinois.  Western’s team name is The Leathernecks.

RAC: Do you play any sports up there at the school?

ML: Nope.

RAC:  What do you think about the whole Brett Favre thing?

ML:  I wish it would just go away.

RAC: Did you come back for any East Dubuque Football games or anything?  They had a great season.

ML: A couple yeah.

RAC: Did you see the video of their last pep rally where that dads of the players dressed up like cheerleaders and performed a routine?

ML: Yeah, yes I did hear about that, but I have not actually seen the footage of it.

RAC: You will have to look it up online, there’s like 3 takes of it out there.

RAC: Do you feel like older now that you’re finally in college? … now that you are in a place like a university.  It’s like the universe of information, the Mecca of learning.

ML: I don’t feel that different, there is probably a little difference I think.


Resemblance ???

RAC: History Major eh?  Who is your favorite president?


ML: Probably Abraham Lincon

RAC: Abe? Honestly?  I would have to say that he is my favorite too when you survey the history of this country.  Do you have any skill that you learned at Runde’s that you use in the real world or at college?

ML: Umm, I think I developed better people skills here if anything,

RAC :  What do you think of the all-new 2010 Chevy Equinox?

ML:  I think it’s a big improvement.  I like it a lot … very nice interior and nice design.

RAC: If you could say that there was one like college dream vehicle, what would it be like? The ultimate college car …

ML: For me it would have to be something fuel efficient, because I drive back and forth from home. Are you talking about like the coolness of it or what?

RAC: I don’t know… I’m just asking. So your talking, for you personally it would be a vehicle where you could fold the 3 rows of seats down and pile the whole world in it, and still get 40 miles per gallon?

ML: I don’t think that vehicle exists…

RAC: well it probably will in ten years.

We’re thankful that Mike came back to work for us over the holiday weekend.  He’s a good worker and we wish him the best as he continues his education at Westen Illinois. 

Click PLAY below to find out what Mike’s most thankful for.


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