Grab a Box of Crayolas and get Those Thinkers A-Thinking to WIN!

Who didn’t like to color as a kid? Getting those books of pre-made art for you to fill in with color between the lines (or, at least in my case, outside of the lines) was awesome. Meet your new coloring book – the Chevy Volt, once released, will come in this nice grayish-blue with a hint of greenish color…

“Wait, what’s the  color called” you might be asking yourself? Well, my friend, that is entirely up to you… or someone else that thought of a cooler name than you. While the coloring may have already been done, it’s up to you to label the color with a name. 

GM is offering you a trip to drive the one of the first Volts just for giving a name to the color of the Volt above. But that is just a building block, just think of how impressed Crayola will be with your resume after finding out you named a major manufacturer’s car color? You’d have kids all over the world coloring inside the lines with your color.

Think you got the perfect name and want to enter?

  • Submissions will be valid until Nov. 9th where GM will sort through the submissions to pick finalists.
  • Between Nov. 16 and Dec. 1 you can vote for your choice among the finalists.
  • The top three finalists will be flown to LA where the winner will be announced on the eve of the LA Auto Show.

To see how GM picks colors for their vehicles, check out the video below:

Visit for more information and to start submitting.

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