Date Cars – What's Hot and What's Not

Girls, you gotta admit that you care, to some sort of degree, about what kind of car your man, date, or fling drives. At first glance what he drives gives a little insight into what kind of guy he is. Maybe he’s the hot jock with no brains, the nerd hopeing to meet his princess Leia, the shut-in who’s really a sweet guy, the perfect man, the man who has a secret life… there’s so many possibilites.

When it comes down to it, though, it’s all about what we percieve as good features in a guy… and his car. Judging from a car, maybe one girl would think that a Camaro means the guy is really exciting where  as girl 2 might think he’s a total sport car freak, it’s all about opinion.

I found these following videos to be interesting. Seems like a lot of the girls have varying opinoins about a person based on which kind of car they drive – this is how it is with my group of friends as well, so hard to decide what to think of a person, but a car can help with first impressions! Enjoy the videos!

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