Crash Tests – The Bigger the Car Wins

Small vehicles are starting to become mainstream. What’s not to like about them? They are cute, fun, and best of all – great on fuel economy. But before you go and give your kids one of these for their graduation gift, take this video into consideration:

It’s true that smaller cars generally get better gas mileage but like the man says near the end of this video: there are larger vehicles out there, like the Ford Fusion Hybrid, that get as good, if not better gas mileage than several smaller vehicles. Remember: just because you might be saving some money on gas doesn’t mean you are investing in you, or your families health. Be sure to do research before buying a vehicle to make sure they get great safety ratings and are proved to be reliable in case the worst scenario happens.

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  1. […] interesting because I used to drive a ‘87 Cadillac Deville and thought I was indestructible. (catch the video here ) […]

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