Francis “Frankie” Munns – Rodeo Family

Picture 005Today I had the opportunity to get to know Francis Munns (who goes by Frankie) from Stitzer, Wisconsin.   The township of Stitzer is about 50 miles away from our Runde PreDriven store where she purchased her daughters’ new car today. Stacie works as an LPN (licensed practical nurse) at the Lancaster Care Center for 11 years now. Read on to learn more about her family and her experience here at Runde’s!

What led you to Runde’s?
Well actually we came to this area to get new glasses and my daughter also happened to be lookin’ for new car. We happened to have some time to spare so we went “window shopping” around town for a new car… and now we have one. This was the third place that we went to and you guys had the right price and right vehicle for her.

malibu08whiteWhat vehicle did you end up buying?
We got a white ’08 Chevrolet Malibu. My daughter knew right away that’s what she wanted out of all the vehicles we looked at.

Did you stop by or did you call in first?
No, we just came by… Al ran and jumped out in front of our car to help us.

Sounds like Al… Did you know Al before today?
No, this was the first time we met him.

What you think of him?
I love him, he’s awesome, he really is. All of the guys here are super.

Great! So what would you give Runde’s on a scale of 1-10?
A twenty. I sat at another dealership around the area for several hours without getting anywhere, but here they have fun with you and they really take care of you. It’s a very pleasant experience.

So the Malibu is your daughters vehicle, what is she going to use it for?
She’s going to go to Clarke College for nursing next year and the vehicle she drives now is just not suitable for going back and forth. Now she has something safe and reliable.

Is your daughter your only child?
Nope, other than Nicole, my daughter, I also have a son, Trevor who is in high school – he’s a bull rider in the high school rodeo. 

Have any pets?
I have a dog, Rat Terrier named Mindy and Nicole has a black lab that also lives with us.

What do you like to do around the area?
I like to bike with my boyfriend, Jack Ellis, on his Harley. I also like to have camp fires with my family and sit around with my friends and neighbors.

Do you go on a lot of family vacations or trips?
The Star Spangled Celebration in Richland Center, Wisconsin is a country fest that we all enjoy going to. We camp out and have a great time.

What’s one invention you can’t live without?
The T.V.

Have a favorite show?
The Golden Girls.

Favorite movie?
The Horse Whisperer.

Favorite actor?
Kevin Costner.

Favorite restaurant?
My kids and I always have to stop at the Asian King Buffet whenever we come down here.

If you could do any one thing, what would you do?
I would go back in time to when I was 18 or 19 and be a Pro Barrel Racer. I started riding too late in life to take full advantage of it. I watch my daughter Barrel race and it is just wonderful.

If you were to win the lottery what would you do with the money?
I would build a new nursing home in Lancaster. It would be for the residence not for me.

Maybe pay off your daughters’ tuition…?
Ok! Ha-ha, yeah ok, I’d do that too.

Would you recommend Runde’s to a friend?
Oh yes, definitely. Overall it was a great experience. There is really nothing I’d change.

Thank you for your time, Francis, I hope you and your daughter enjoy the new Malibu

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