Introducing: The Chevrolet Cruze

It’s always exciting to hear about new vehicles being released. Usually people get pumped about a new muscle car or luxury vehicle. But in this day and age people might be more inclined to see something practical and not too spendy — something that will get great gas mileage, but still look good — basically something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but also doesn’t sacrifice quality in compensation.

If everything mentioned above sounds good to you, then the new model to get pumped about is definitely the Chevrolet Cruze.  With an impressive 40 mpg highway at launch and being the new entry level vehicle for Chevy for 2011, the Cruze seems to be the vehicle for those who want the best quality for a smaller budget. It will come  powered by an all-new 1.4L direct-injected turbocharged four-cylinder engine and it will feature a sharp new styling (think somewhere in-between a Malibu and a Pontiac G8).

The Cruze will debut in Europe in 2010 and will be coming here come 2011. Check back for more information about the Cruze as new information is released.

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