Maryellen and Tim Engelke – The Newlyweds

DSC09574This week I’d like to introduce you to Tim and Maryellen Engelke. Tim is a  is a farmer and Maryellen runs a daycare from out of their farm. They brought with them their two bundles of joy: Christopher and Elsie who were very lively and fun to have around the dealership – a gust of fresh air, as they say. Without any further delay, here they are: the Engelke’s…

What vehicle did you guys buy?
We got a Dodge Caravan.

What led you to Runde’s?
We were shopping online, it seemed like the best deal so we called up and the salesman was very nice and informative on the phone so we decided to give it a shot.

Your salesman was Al Kloft, what you think of him?
He definitely goes to work for you. He cares about his customers. One of the most lively people we’ve ever met.

On a scale of 1-10 what would you give Runde’s?
Probably a 9, they were really busy today so we had to wait a bit, but we were taken care of.

Did they give the kids enough to do while you guys waited?
Oh yes. They gave them footballs and a toy monkey, they loved that. For Christopher to stay still for two or three hours… well it really means that you’re doing something right.

What will you use the van for?
For general use, mostly. Our family is expanding so we will need more space, we have one more coming pretty soon.

When’s the next child coming?
Should be coming right around Thanksgiving.

How long have you been married?
Just under a year. It will be a year in August. This vehicle is one of our first major purchases together.

How are you liking married life?
It’s all good for now… we are still newlyweds… (laughs)

What’s your favorite holiday?
Tim: Christmas.
Maryellen: Easter for me.
Christopher: CHRISTMAS!
Maryellen: Halloween is fun too, that’s when Elsie was born.

What do you guys like to do as a family?
Camping and fishing, just a lot of outside stuff.

Have any pets?
We have a cat and two bunnies. One of our dogs passed away recently.

My sympathies. Do you guys like to watch movies together?
Yea, we like to watch movies sometimes, I (Maryellen) like Sweet Home Alabama. Christopher: My favorite is Star Wars!

Do you guys have a favorite resturant?
Christopher: OH OH OH! MCDONALD’S!!!!

What is one invention you can’t live without?
Maryellen: Probably the computer.
Tim: I’d say it’d be hard to live without power tools for the farm and everything.

That’s all the questions I had for you guys. Thank you very much for your time, enjoy your new Caravan!

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