2010 Mustang… Bringing Back Feeling

You are the next big street racer. You get thrilled by the speed and feel of it all – going high speeds, feeling and hearing the motor sing to you as you treat it with all the gasoline your foot can put down.

One day you wake up, and you can’t see anything. The doctors all tell you that you are blind from what appears to be some head trauma you experienced the other night. You lose your licence and can no longer drive. Suddenly, your world turns upside down, the things that you loved so dearly are now forcibly extinct from the rest of your life.

Life isn’t always fair, not everyone can enjoy things that we take for granted. But who says that the people have this or that disability can’t have a chance to enjoy something that we can experience? Ford doesn’t see why people that can no longer see can’t, at least, experience the feel of driving again. Which is why they let a man that has been blind for more than 20 years out into a large empty field and let him drive his dream-car (actually to the specs that he wanted!).

Ford%20LogoFulfilling dreams, that’s what Ford is out to do. Let us fulfill your dream by putting you behind the wheel of one today. Give us a call at (888) 927-2630 and we will get your dream in your hands.

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  1. Yes, Mustang is good with edge design and good shape. I like to hear the voice of this car’s engine, because it is really powerful.

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