A Few Tips on Car Maintenance

You’re ready to go home from your best friend’s bridal shower in a city 200 miles away from you. It’s about 8pm and you figure that you should make it home before midnight.  You think, “Wow, I had tons of fun and it was great to see Callie again!”  You hop in the car and turn the key to your ignition. “rrrrrurrrr  urrrruuuurr??? putt putt fizzle butt”  — You find your car is just not cooperating with you as it will not turn over. “Fantastic,”  you think to yourself,   “It’s only me and Mandy here tonight. I know she dosn’t know anything about cars.”  Annoyed and frustrated, you walk to a hotel three blocks down and get a room for $80 for the night.  The next morning you find a service center to tow your car to and they get your car running again. Turns out you left your lights on and it temporarily drained your battery … something a simple jump start could have cured.  You are annoyed with everything, and on top of the inconvenience that happened because you couldn’t jump start your vehicle, you are also late for work that day making the whold experience seem even more miserable and you’re also out $50 for the tow.

Don’t let yourself fall into the above scenario. Jump starting a vehicle is the easiest thing to do in the world when you have the simple knowlege in your posession of how to do it.  Watch the following video to get educated on how to jump start that car when things go sour.  A pair of jumper cables will run you abour $15-$20  and it’s a good idea to keep a set in your vehicle.  Or you can shell out about $50 for a portable jumper box if you don’t want to rely on passing vehicles for a power source.

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