The Return of the Hohmann’s

Customers 5-21-09 (1)A few months ago we had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Hohmann. Well now the pack is back! … I guess it was never a pack, but we got two Hohmann’s here this time instead of just one – the more the merrier, I say. Amanda’s parents: Joe and Becky, came in the other day to buy a vehicle of their own. After knowing how cool of a person Amanda was, I had to sneak an interview with her parents and boy, I’m glad I did!

What vehicle did you guys end up buying?
A 2008 Saturn Vue.

Why is it that you picked Runde’s out of all of the different dealers?
Well, as you know, our daughter, Amanda, bought a car here a couple months ago. She was very happy and I was happy with the vehicle she wound up with. So when it came time for us to get a new vehicle, I had no question about where I should go.

Oh, I’m glad we could give you a good experience.
Oh yes, we also came back because of Al Kloft.

Oh… My sympathies… Just kidding, Al is a great guy, isn’t he?
Definitely, he’s great to deal with.

So on a scale of 1-10, what would you give your experience here?
Well, no one is perfect, but I’d give it a high 9. Really no complaints, it was all very good.

How is Amanda liking her car?
Oh she really likes it. Very satisfied.

What has she been using the car for?
She does home visits in her line of work so she’s traveling all the time. Next fall she is going to start her masters program at Platteville and now we know that she has a dependable car.

What are you guys going to use the new Vue for?
Just for general use. I have a cake business I run on the side and it will be easier to get things in and out in an SUV.

mediumHow long have you two been married?
31 years.

Do you remember your first date?
Uh, kinda… Joe got in a fight over me at a party.

Looks like you won, Joe.
Yep, seems that way (laughs).

How many kids do you have?
We have three kids: Abby, Becky-Jo, and Amanda

Do you take a lot of family vacations?
No, not really, but that’s not saying we might not start. We just got a new grandchild, so we might start going out more.

Oh, congratulations on the new addition to the family.
What is one invention you couldn’t live without?
Becky: Probably the computer.
Joe: Umm…
Becky: Joe, you can’t be without me… but that’s not an invention.
Joe: Probably a vehicle, just to get around, you know?

Oh, I know. Aren’t you glad you got a nice new one to get around with?
Oh yes, definitely.

What’s your favorite place in the Tri-State area?
Down by the riverwalk, probably.

You go camping at all?
We used to. But now I just go out hunting every once in awhile.

What would you guys do if you won the lottery?
We’d give quite a big chunk to our family and probably save the rest.

Do you guys have anything else to ad? I’m all out of questions…
It was a very good experience. Al really went the extra mile to find the vehicle I wanted.  I needed a few features that were difficult to find, but Al managed to track down the perfect vehicle for us.

Great.  Hope you guys enjoy your vehicle. Make sure you say “hi” to Amanda for me!

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