Ford Syncing “Good Idea” with an “Awesome Experience”

He’s that guy. The one that nearly avoids getting into an accident because he’s on his cell phone. In honesty, YOU are probably that guy or girl sometimes yourself — I know I am occasionally. Safety is very important while driving.  I’m quite confident that using a cell phone and texting while driving won’t exactly put a smile on your parents’ faces. It’s a good thing that now you can do those distracting activities you find yourself doing, time and time again, without putting your, or any other, life at danger with the Ford Sync.

Released in over twelve of the 2008 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles, the Ford Sync lets those who opt for the system to wirelessly connect to their cell phones as well as connect to their MP3/Ipod in addition to several other features. The system is practically hands-free, as almost everything can be activated by voice command, including skipping to your favorite beat on your mp3 player hooked up to the Sync.

Ford Sync(TM)As far as cell phones go — the system, after wirelessly connecting to your cell phone through Bluetooth, downloads your contacts to an internal database where you can use the touchscreen to make fast, safe and simple calls. The system is also capable of voice-activated hands-free calling so that you don’t distract yourself as you are about to run into your local Walmart’s “pedestrians crossing” sign.

1433460436_ada3a45f57Two new and exciting, features are being added to the Sync on June 18th in the 2010 Fusion, Milan, Mustang, and MKZ vehicles. The upgrade will include, but is not limited to, traffic updates and voice directions as you drive. The 2010 Ford Edge, Taurus, and Super Duty trucks will come preloaded with the new Sync, with no download necessary for the traffic updates and voice directions.

The Sync is, in a sentence:  the perfect radio and entertainment control panel. A life of luxury is becoming available without having to spend the “luxury” price.

If you would like pricing information about the sync, what model vehicles are eligible for the system, or just for more information in general, please contact our Manchester store @ 888-927-2630 and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

The following video explains the features of the Sync and shows it in action – you can probably see why this would be a useful tool to have in any vehicle.

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