This is Your Final Notice… Unwanted Warranty Calls.

You are expecting an important call today. While waiting in line at the grocery store you just wonder when that call is going to come. Going out to your car with your hands, arms, neck, and mouth holding what seems to be 25 bags of groceries and a gallon of milk you finally hear your phone ring. Seeing that your vehicle is still a ways away, you decide that the call is too important to miss and start to panic. You quickly start putting all the groceries on the cement while trying to get your hand free to take the call which is inconveniently in your least accessible pocket. Huffing and puffing, you finally get the phone and are excited to hear the important information you have been waiting for all morning… and boy do you get it.

“This is your final warning. The warranty on your vehicle is about to expire. This is your last chance to take action before your warranty expries.”

You are P. O’d to the max and you have every right to be. These scam calls have been going on for years now and they keep on persisting into the ears of unsuspecting citizens, even those registered in the national do-not call list.

Hopefully, all of those annoying calls will soon come to an end as a federal judge issued two temporary restraining orders designated to stop the wave of the warranty “robo-calls.” The FTC filed suit against two companies, recently, asking a federal court in Chicago to stop the wave of nearly 1 billion automated calls. In addition to to halting the calls, the companies’ assets will be frozen.

The restraining orders are to remain in effect until May 29th. The FTC isn’t immediately seeking civil fines against the companies, but may down the line. We are on track to finally stop these annoying calls and let those responsible for them know just how much we hate recieving them.

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