Casey Fluhr – Golfin’ in The Heat


Today I sat down with Casey Fluhr, another one of those smiling faces I always see while walking around Runde Chevrolet. In return for all of the warm “good morning’s” and “how-ya-doin’s” he passed my way, I am now sharing him with the world on a relatively new technology I refer to as the World Wide Web.

We might as well get right down to it — What do you do here?
Service consultant … when you bring a vehicle in, we will check you in and ask you what’s wrong with your vehicle.  I write repair orders and talk to mechanics about the vehicle problems.

How long have you worked here?
I’ve been here almost 16 years.   I started out washing cars here as a high school job and then worked my way up to where I am now.

Are you from the area?
Yea, I grew up in East Dubuque and now I live in Hazel Green, WI where I live in a townhouse.

What’s your best experience at Runde’s to-date?
There were some pretty strange things that happened, but I think the best experience is getting to meet the different people throughout the years and building relationships. It seems like almost everywhere I go I see someone that I know.

What kind of past-times do you enjoy?
I like golf.  Also I like to go to Iowa Hawkeye and Green Bay Packer games every year.

Nope, single.

Any pets?

Just yourself, huh?
Yep. Just lookin’ for the right woman.

Do you have a favorite hangout spot in the Tri-State area?
I’d say The Three Mile House or Timmerman’s. They both have great food and a nice environment.

Do you go out with your family a lot?
I have a sister in Madison and my parents live in Dubuque near Thunder Hills. But mostly it’s me and my friends going out.

If you were a vehicle what vehicle would you be and why?
I’d say a Chevy Suburban because they are great for travel and tailgating at football games. Maybe a Corvette for fun.

Brewers or Cubs?

Dogs or Cats?

What’s one invention you can’t live without?
I’d have to say the telephone.

What’s your most memorable experience in a car or truck?
When I was 17 and only working here for a couple of weeks, they had me take down a Corvette to the auction in Mt. Vernon. It was really cool especially for me to drive a Corvette at 17 years old.

Bet you told all of your friends, huh?
Oh yeah.

Do you watch movies?
Yea, my favorite movie is probably Top Gun. I’m a big Tom Cruise fan, I like his movies.

Not for looks… I assume?
Oh no no no.

What’s the last movie you saw in the theatres?
Oh man, I can’t remember…. oh yeah, Step Brothers – it was pretty good.

Like Will Ferrell?
Yea, he’s pretty funny.


Do you consider the glass half empty or half-full?

Look forward to drinkin’ the other half?
Oh yeah.

If you were to win the lottery what would you do with the money?
I’d retire, have a home in Arizona, play more golf, and just travel around the world. I’d also take care of my family and friends.

You like to travel?
Oh yeah. I go to Arizona every winter for a week to play golf. I like to go to football games, as well.

What kind of music do you like?
A little bit of everything.

What’s in your CD player right now?
Well it’s a mix. A little bit of everything right now.

What’s your favorite car?
I’d have to say the Chevy Corvette.

There you have it ladies: a nice, sincere guy that’s single. You can line up at our East Dubuque service door if you want to meet him. Thanks Casey!

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  1. Casey who would you talk to about buying a used truck? Think i found one there but i dont want the same runaround bs that you get at other dealers. Is Matt Meyer still there. Last i heard he was the sales manager. Is that true?

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