James and Janis Zubler – We’ve Got a Brand New Envoy — Oh Ain’t She a Beautiful Sight …

zublerI met one of the nicest couples today. James and Janis Zubler came in and wound up purchasing a vehicle.  They were nice enough to share their Runde experience as well as some of their life experiences with me before they left the building.

What vehicle did you buy?
A 2006 GMC Envoy, it’s a smooth ride.

What led you to Runde’s instead of other dealerships?
We heard good reports: easy to deal with, kept hearing we could get a good deal and our neighbors suggested it. Our neighbor was here less than a year ago and he bought two vehicles: a Chevy Impala and a Chevy S-10 Pickup at the same time. He liked buying from here a lot and suggested it.

So your salesman today was Al Kloft, right? What did you think of him?
First time we met him. We liked him. He’s pleasant, very pleasant. He is kind of a character.

Are you guys from the area?
We are from Warren Illinois, it’s about 45 miles away from here. I’m originally from Benton, Wi. and she’s from Potosi, Wi.

What do you guys like to do up there?
Well, we’re retired, but we are active in our church and we go out to visit our kids. We have a daughter in Iowa we liked to visit, but I was told that we couldn’t use our old van to visit her because it had too many miles on it. So now we can make those trips again since we have a new vehicle.

How long have you two been married?
It’ll be 39 years this August. Our license plates were JJZ 1970 – that’s when we got married.  It makes it easy to remember.

Gets you out of trouble I bet?
You have no idea, haha.

You mentioned a daughter and a son, are they your only children, and what are they doing?
Yep, only the two. Jenny is 35 and Joe is 37.

No license plates for those, huh?
Nope, haha. And both of our kids are working.

Do you like to get out to watch movies?
We get out every once in awhile to see a movie. We first saw our favorite movie of all time when we were dating.  It was that one with Robert Redford in it and it had that song “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head”  — Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Oh sure, one of those older types of movies.
Janis: Did you hear him!? “Older types of movies” geesh, hahaha.

Sorry! How was your first date?
We started dating on Halloween. We went to a movie and then stopped by the hamburger joint on our way back for a bite to eat. There was an older couple there that was drunk. I went to the bathroom, which only had one stall, and opened up the door after I was done to find the drunken older women collapsing into the toilet because she was leaning on the door passed out. I walked back to Janis, only knowing her for a few days, laughing like crazy and all embarrassed. It was a fun time.

So what will you be using the vehicle for?
For leisure, mostly. Running to the doctors or wherever else we need to go!

What’s one invention that you guys could not live without?
Probably our television, it’s our only source of entertainment. We don’t have any other gadgets, yet.

Like to go on vacation?
We used to, but not so much anymore. Maybe with the Envoy we’ll go more.

If you were to win the lottery, what would you do with the money?
We would help our children out. We are always worried for them, especially in this economy.

Any last comments?
I like the place of business, I think it’s good. The only thing I don’t like is that you are on this hill.

I have to walk up it everyday!  On a scale of 1-10, what would you give it?
TEN, for sure.

Thank you very much for your time, enjoy your new Envoy, be sure to renew those plates so you remember how long you’ve been together!

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