The Cortes Family – Active Family, Activly Great People

predriven-084The Cortes family recently stopped into Runde’s and was kind enough to sit down with me for a quick interview explaining their experience at Runde’s.

What brought you to Runde’s?

We were interested in the GMC Acadia we saw advertised.

How was the test drive?

It drove great;  it’s a nice looking vehicle.

Al was your salesman … what did you think of him?

He’s a good man, a nice guy, very helpful.

Daughter: “A bad meanie boy – just kidding!”

How would you guys rank Runde’s on a Scale of 1-10?

Probably a high eight.

What do you plan on doing with the new vehicle?

Travel and have fun.

It’s an SUV – is it for storage at all?

No, pretty much just for traveling – it’s bigger than our current car so if we needed to, we could use it for some storage.

What do you do for a living sir?

I’m a crane operator.

Would you compare your family to the Brady Bunch or the Adams Family?

Uhh… haha, I’d have to say the Adams Family, we’re certainly not shaped for the Brady Bunch.

What do you guys like to do as a family?

We go out to eat a lot. Shopping – if it’s out there, we are shopping for it.

It’s a great day out today.   Still have a lot of plans?

Probably go get something to eat, haha.

Do you guys live in Dubuque?

No we live in Davenport, IA

What’s your favorite place in the surrounding area?

Probably going out to the Casino in Davenport, the Rhythm City Casino.

Do you have a favorite movie?

– Mr. Cortes: Probably Gladiator
– Mrs. Cortes: Umm… Fireproof

Oh, I like that one too — I think it was made by the same folks who made Facing the Giants.  Go out to watch movies a lot?

Eh, no, usually we just watch movies at home.

What kind of music do you like?

– Mr. Cortes: I like Rap.
– Ms. Cortes: I like Country.

If you were to win the lottery, what would you do with the money?

We’d pay off the vehicle. Then we would travel a lot … out of country.  Mexico here we come!

Daughter: “Yea! Mexico here we come!”

How old are you (directed at the daughter)

(Starts unfolding fingers from her fist …1… 2… 3… 4!) Four-years-old! I’m four!

Do you go to preschool?

Yea! The old teacher got a new job. So I got Ms. Julie!!

What’s your family’s favorite restaurant in the area?

Los Aztecas.

Any Pets?

– Ms. Cortes: Go ‘head, tell him hunny.

– Daughter: “miz-na-ture … show-zer”

– Ms. Cortes: Did you get that?

Uh, Miznature Showzer?

– Ms. Cortes: Miniature schnauzer.

– Daughter: “Her name is Marsala!”


I see you have some papers there.  Did you do some drawing while you were waiting?

Yea! I got my nails painted, too! (Al Kloft’s wife came in and painted the girls nails and ate lunch with her while they waited.)

Cool! Looks great!

Any last comments?

Mr. Cortes: This place is really good with the kids. It is also really reasonable and fair.

Ms. Cortes: Yea, it was really kid friendly.

On behalf of Runde’s, thank you and enjoy your new vehicle!

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