Keith Klein – A “Home Run” Kind Of Guy

keith-1Keith Klein came in today to buy a vehicle. Before he left he was kind enough to let us interview him without any sort of bribery, thievery, or trickery. To our amazement, we sat down and got to know him a little better.

What brought you to Runde’s today?

Bought a car for my daughter – a 2002 Cavalier.

Is it for school?

Yea, back and forth – school and work. She works 15 miles away, up in the country, so it’s nice for her to have her own transportation.

Did she want the car or was it more of a “dad” decision?

Well, she was looking at Cavaliers and Grand Am’s but I helped her out and we came to a decision to buy this one.

So is it a gift or are you gonna be outstandingly generous?

Oh no, she’s going to work for it.

 Where are you from?

I’m originally from Balltown, IA and then I moved to Dubuque.

How was your experience here at Runde’s?

Very good. I bought a car from Al here before so I knew where to go.

How did you like Al Kloft?

Good. He’s a great person.

So are you going to make your daughter take care of the car?

Sure… well, I’ll help her along the way.

What do you guys like to do?


Do you play?

I coach my son’s team – The Dubuque Braves.

How many kids?

We have three kids – 18, 16 and 13 – two girls one boy.  The youngest one is the boy.

So is the car for the 18-year-old?

No, The 16-year-old.   The 13-year-old will be next.

They all go to school, I’m assuming?


Do you go out together often?

We go to watch Cub games and out to eat a lot.

What’s your favorite place to eat?

We like to go out to Monona, IA and eat at TJ’s Pizza.

Good pizza, huh?

Yes, great pizza?

Or do you like it more for the atmosphere kinda thing?

Nope, just good pizza.

Where’s your favorite place to go in Dubuque?

Would you believe Knickers? They have the best burgers in town.

You have a favorite vacation place?

Talladega, to the race.

Go there often?

No, just once every few years.

Have you watched the movie Talladega nights?

Yea, some of it, not all.

What you think of it?

Eh, it was alright. The actual thing is fun to watch.

What’s your favorite kind of music?

Country. Don’t like rap and new rock – ugh, can’t listen to them.

Favorite movie?

Smokey and the Bandit

What was the most recent movie you saw in theatres?

Uh… haha… probably Home Alone.

Wow… don’t get out to watch flicks much, huh?

Yea (laughs).  Well we are talking about going to the new Fast and Furious movie. My son saw it and said he liked it.

Thank you very much for your time Keith!

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