Justin Hanger – Eagle Scout Of The Millennium

dsc022951Last week Justin Hanger of Runde Chevrolet obtained the status of “Eagle Scout” which is the highest rank a Boy Scout can obtain. To get the Eagle Scout status, you must go through the different preceding ranks of the Scouts, first. There are eight ranks in the Scouts with the eighth being the Eagle Scout.

Justin has been working for Runde’s since he was eight or nine-years old. He would, and still does, come in after hours to help his family clean the offices in the Runde Chevrolet building.  Justin says that it usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes to clean up the building during the weekdays and it takes a bit longer on the weekends, lasting up to an hour and a half. Just a few months ago, Justin started to take digital pictures of cars for Runde’s in addition to cleaning. Justin says he is grateful for having the opportunity to work for Runde Auto Group.

There is a list of fulfillments that one must accomplish to step up in rank in the Boy Scouts of America organization. These tasks range from collecting merit badges, going camping, community services, teaching and educating others, displaying leadership, etc. The final step in getting the Eagle Scout status is leading a community service project. Justin, for example, did all the landscaping around the Dickeyville community center.

Once accomplished, a ceremony is held for the Scout – awarding them with the rank of Eagle Scout after pledges and procedures are done. Less than 4% of people that join the Scouts ever reach the level of Eagle Scout. Justin’s brother, Brian, is in progress to get his Eagle Scout status as well – he is working on his final project before obtaining the status.

dsc02292Justin, who has been a Scout for 7 years, plans on going to UW Stout College, in Wisconsin, for Technical Education with hopes to be a shop teacher. He says that he would love to work at the Scout summer camp after graduating and hopefully utilize his teaching knowledge to aid the Scouts.

Justin’s Scout group (troop #775 out of Cuba City, WI) has 10 active Scout members and six leaders/instructors. Justin’s father, Kevin, is one of the leaders and his mother, Sue, is the treasurer.  Sue also works full-time at Runde Chevrolet as an accountant.

So when you visit back home will you still be cleanin’ up at Runde’s?

“I’m sure I will! As long as they are doing it I’m sure I’ll tag along.”

Congratulations Justin — from all of us at Runde’s!!

Here are some interesting facts Justin was kind enough to show me. The following list is from: www./www.troop125bsa.com/statistics.htm
85% of student council presidents were Scouts

89% of senior class presidents were Scouts

80% of junior class presidents were Scouts

75% of school publication editors were Scouts

71% of football captains were Scouts
Scouts also account for:
64% of Air Force Academy graduates

68% of West Point graduates

70% of Annapolis graduates

72% of Rhodes Scholars

85% of FBI agents

26 of the first 29 astronauts

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  1. […] might remember Justin Hanger from our blog post back in April. Click here to refresh your memory.  Justin works after school for us taking the online photos of cars, and recording  vehicle […]

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