The Loeffelholz’s – Family Of Smiles

loeffelholzWe stopped in at our new Suzuki Store in Hazel Green today and had the nice opportunity to meet Rick, Kylie and Ty Loeffelholz from Dubuque. They had stopped in to sign papers for their new ride. They were surprised at the amount of questions we threw at them, but they seemed to have no problem juggling the questions while keeping their excitement under wraps as they waited to drive away in their new vehicle.

What kind of vehicle did you buy?

loeffelholz-vanA Kia Sedona minivan.

What’s the best thing about your new ride?

All the space! We traded in a Chevy Cavalier for the van.

That’s definitely an improvement in the amount of interior space. Will you give your new van a name?

We definitely will, but we have no idea what that will be yet.

How long will it be before anyone is allowed to drink or eat in the new van?

Probably just until this afternoon when Ty has his snack.

Al Kloft was your salesman, right. What did you think of Al?

Good … Friendly … He’s sort of a legend.

A legend in his own mind?

You could say that.

What do you think of the snow that is coming this way?

We’re not happy about it, but we’ll probably get a chance to find out pretty quickly how it handles in the snow.

What is your family’s favorite movie?

We’d have to say Bob the Builder.

Favorite restaurant?

The Red Robin in Asbury.

Favorite vacation spot?


Favorite Song?

True Companion.

Who is Ty’s favorite super hero?

Batman. He was Batman for Halloween last year.

What will be the first cd that will be played in the cd player of your new van?

Probably Johnny Cash. 

Is there anyone who will not be allowed in the cd player?

We’d say that Michael Bolton probably won’t be allowed in the new van. He’ll have to find another ride.

Haha, well thank you very much for taking some time out to do the interview, enjoy your new van!

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