Dave Hoekstra – From Chi’ to Dub’

dsc019061So I hear that you came from Chicago to be here today, how was the ride up here?

It was good, left early enough – around 6,  it was quiet.

Are you from Chicago?

Well yea, just one town west of Chicago.

How did you find Runde?

After looking around for awhile I found Runde through AutoTrader.com

What were you looking for?

I spotted the Chevy ’05 1500 Crew Cab so I called and Al Kloft (of Runde Suzuki/PreDriven) picked up. He was very nice and helped me throughout the whole process.

That’s great to hear! So where in Chicago are you from?

Just outside, 20 miles west of the main city in a suburb.

That’s quite a drive, what is it? 4 hours?

Yea this trip took about 3 hours.

So what are you going to use your truck for?

I have four kids, they didn’t fit in my S-10 anymore. I just think a truck is handy for picking this and that up.

So what made you pick Runde’s even though it is so far away?

No other dealerships met my criteria. Most others were really expensive or didn’t have the right specs.

You said you have 4 kids – Are you married?

Yes I am.

What do your kids do?

Oh, they are still young, they are in school, the oldest one is 13.

What do you do for fun?

We have a summer place in Michigan where we go boating and fishing with the family.

Yea, it’s so nice going out and enjoying a nice day like we recently got, eh?

Oh yea, definitely. Winters can be long. I don’t like the winter at all.

So are you big into trucks and cars?

I used to have a Mustang… but then I got married and had kids… so I guess my next choice is trucks.

You do anything in Chicago that is pretty fun or interesting?

Oh just go out to eat and watch movies, there’s so many museums downtown. It’s pretty expensive downtown but there’s a lot to do.

If you were a vehicle what kind of vehicle would you be and why?

I’d be a work truck, I like to work a lot. I drive a garbage truck.

Are you going to let your kids eat in the new truck?

Haha, no… not for a few years at least. We bought a mini-van before and told them “you’re not eating in here, it’s too nice” but that didn’t last long.  

How would you rate your experience at Runde’s from 1-10 with 1 being the worst 10 being the best.

Oh, I’d give it a 9, everything was great.

Do you have a favorite food?

Anything Italian.

Do you ever travel?

Um… we used to… not so much anymore. We went away for our 10th anniversary to Cancun and we went to Florida a couple of times.

Always the hotter places huh?

Yea, we try to get away from the winter weather.  

Thank you for choosing Runde’s and taking the time to travel all the way up here. It was great getting to know you!

Thanks to you too.

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