The Nash Family – Expecting the Best

predriven-0011Following a seemingly satisfying vehicle transaction Jon and Stacy Nash, of Clinton, gave me the pleasure of getting to know them a little better. Below is a transcript of a conversation filled with laughs and smiles.

Hey guys, what are you doing here at Runde’s today?

Oh, we just bought an ’01 Tahoe – we saw it listed on then called up and talked to Al who set everything up for us.

Al Kloft (of Runde Suzuki/Predriven)? He’s a character isn’t he?

Haha, definitely. He’s very nice, a great person.

Ah, so what made you interested in the Tahoe?

Well we needed something that had a bit more room than the two door cars we have to accommodate our family.

Do you have kids?

Yah, we have a 20 year old that works, a 14 year old that is in high school and one on the way.

Oh! Congratulations… when are you expecting?

(laughing) Well… today. The doctor told us not to go out anywhere but Jon here drives fast so there’s nothing to worry about.

Holy cow! Well, I wish you the best… What do you guys do for fun?

We like to go bike riding, fishing, hunting… pretty much everything outdoors. We don’t like being stuck inside.

Favorite food?

Uh… (thinks for a bit) Food?

Food.  Like food in general.

Yep, food in general.  We like it all.

If you could have any one thing, what would it be?

“Oh man… hmmm (picks up a printed sheet of a previous interview that was shown on the blog) what did this guy say”

…I don’t think we asked him that question.

“ah… um… well that would have to be for our kids to be healthy and to not have any health problems with our newborn. We don’t need much, I mean it would be great if we could have bags filled with money, but that will never happen anyway.”

Interesting. Do you guys have anything to add?

Everything was great the whole way through. Everyone was cool and decent. They had our vehicle cleaned and up in front for us to see before we even got there. It was very prompt service, no running around.

Thank you very much, have a great day guys!

You too! Thank you!

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