Balloons 4 Life

It’s a beautiful day out as you get out of work and start driving home on a Friday evening. You enjoy the familiar scenes and look forward to getting home and relaxing with the family. Crossing the same intersection you always pass through, you notice a weird noise and look left – it’s a truck – the driver cannot stop and is going to hit you. Preparing for the impact, you wonder how and when the airbags are going to come out and protect you… but what if those airbags never activated?


According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 1 in every 5 accidents that involve death was the result of a vehicle with a missing airbag.

Of the accounts of fatal accidents happening between 2001 and 2006 (1,446) there were 255 accidents caused due to no airbags being installed, repaired or being installed improperly which led to the airbag not deploying.


One in five – that’s the one sardine slice of pizza amongst the 4 black olive slices. Those odds are too high for anyone to take lightly. If your vehicle was made after 1995 it should have airbags, but they can become disabled, damaged, defective etc. So please, for you, your family as well as our concern, be sure that your airbags are properly installed. If you need assistance with this process you can call us, toll free, at 800-947-8633 with any questions or set up a service appointment to assure your airbags are working properly.

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