Love Is In The Ice

ice-golf-6Naked babies flinging arrows at lovers and enough “love” in the air to make Romeo sick didn’t stop people from smacking around tennis balls while playing golf on the ice.

The sixth annual Ice Golf Classic at Mid-Town Marina was a huge success according to Sandy McDowell, owner of the Marina. The tournament was originally mapped out in 2004 by a group of men from the area, named the A.M. Hacker, who were just not satisfied by the restrictions winter seemed to place on their golf game. The group got together and started the Ice Golf Classic event shortly after they realized that they could raise money for a good cause while giving people the time of their lives as they play golf on the ice.


The 18-hole golf tournament had 29 sponsors, including Runde, who donated to the good event by offering objects that were sold in a private auction which, in-itself, raised $1450. Door prizes were handed out and there was food-a-plenty which made hanging out and playing ice golf with Herky the Hawk, the University of Iowa Mascot, an even more memorable experience. This year the event had 39 teams participate, impressive, considering knowledge of the event was spread just through word of mouth.   


All funds raised from the event go to St. Marks Community Center – a non-profit organization that provides education services for kids and families in need. The heartfelt cause raised close to $7,000 in donations, which is a significant increase over the $5,200 that was raised last year. There was no waste from the event as all leftover food was donated to the Rescue Mission. Sharing the love has never been so much fun.





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