More Good News From Chrysler Announced Today

Chrylser Combines Employee Pricing with Rebates & 0%

We’ve been in the car business for a long time and our salesmen must have heard at least a hundred times each from customers, “Call me back when they come out with 0% and rebates together. ” It wasn’t necessarily what we wanted to hear from a customer, but it’s understandable that customers want to get the best deal possible even though we thought that were waiting for the impossible to occur. No American manufacturer has ever allowed customers to use 0% financing in combination with manufacturer rebates. Customers had to choose one or the other, but they couldn’t get both … until now.

Now new vehicle customers can receive the employee price on all ’08 and ’09 Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles (with the exception of the Dodge Sprinter). Customers will also receive discounts of up to $3,500 on 2009 model year vehicles and up to $6,000 on 2008 model year vehicles & zero percent financing is available for up to 48 months.

I didn’t think I would ever hear myself saying it, but … “Yes, these incentives can now be combined with eachother on new Chrysler products.” As one of my former collegues would say, “It’s a good deal, it’s a good deal, it’s a good deal !!!”

Whatever the case, three things can be sure:

1) A good deal of thought went into this campaign before it was lauched by Chrysler.

2) A good deal of new vehicle buyers will be able to take advantage of it.

3) A good deal of new Chryslers, Jeeps, and Dodges will be flying off the lot out at our Manchester store.

Please stop by our Manchester, IA location or contact them at 800-386-5303 for complete details.



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