Satellite Radio Services Will Be Charging More $$$ Soon

We would like all of our Runde Auto Group customers and acquaintances who have become attached to their satellite radio to know there is a rate increase on the horizon that will be coming  from both Sirius and XM Radio.   The increase will be $2.00 a month per subscription.  Also plan on paying $2.99 more a month for Internet streaming radio and the monthly increase is scheduled to go into effect on 3-11-09.  

XM & Sirius have said that customers can lock-in their current rates by renewing their subscription before that date.  Customers can extend their subscription by as much as 3 years at a time. 

Inflation, inflation, inflation …

If you are like me and have grown to enjoy the satellite channels, you’ll probably want to take advantage of locking in the old rates while you can.   I love the minimization of commercials and I also love the fact that I don’t have to mess around looking for CD’s anymore — I think I’ve been spoiled by my XM radio.    I have grown accustomed to having practically an infinite music selection available in my car and cannot imagine life without it.  I think it also probably saved my life on an occasion about 4 years ago during one-day round trip between Dubuque, IA and Willmar, MN.  I had made the drive up to Willmar earlier that day and attended a concert there and I had to make the 7 hour return drive back home that night so I set out from Willmar at about 10pm.  It was when I got to the point where I-35 meets Hwy 218 where I could feel myself start to drift and I could tell that the need for sleep was setting in.  So what did I do that saved my life?  I turned it to the dance channels and started dancing in my seat.  There was little to no other traffic on the road at that point.  I’m sure if someone had been following me closely, they would have sworn that it was either Will Farrell or Chris Kattan from Night at the Roxbury driving my car.  But I arrived safe back at home in the Tri-States at 5am and I’m certain that the dancing strategy worked and kept me awake at the wheel. 

I don’t recommend making a trip like that if you can at all avoid it, but if you ever need to borrow that strategy to help keep yourself awake when you’re driving late at night — it works!  Trust me.

Getting back to the price increase:  Admittedly two bucks a month is not going to make or break anyone out there, but if anyone out there wants to send me a check for $24 a year because they don’t need it … chances are good that I won’t turn down an arrangement like that.

So if you plan to keep listening to your satellite radio after March 11th, then renew your subscription today so you don’t end up putting more  of your $$$ in the pockets of this satellite radio monopoly.

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